The Ultimate Bir Tawil Guide

The Ultimate Bir Tawil Guide

bir tawil guide

If you’ve somehow stumbled upon this blog its because either you’ve spent way way too much time on Wikipedia, or much like myself you have an affinity for all things micro nation, or indeed Terra Nullus.

My own personal journey into the micro national world started over ten years ago, when I discovered places like Sealand, and the Hutt River Principality, and over the years morphed into my own micro nation project of Lets Buy An Island. Our main aim, as you might have guessed is to buy an island, which we shall do via crowdfunding, and their unit a bit like our own country!

This odyssey then lent itself to me exploring if there was any unclaimed pieces of land in the world, and to be honest despite the planet being pretty damed huge, there is not all that much unclaimed land in the world, with there being a large part of Antarctica (although thats covered by the Antarctica Treaty), some islands in between Croatia and Serbia, that evolved into Liberland, and of course dear old Bir Tawil.

There are many arguments against simply claiming Bir Tawil (although we know at least 5 “countries”) That have, but that has certainly not deterred us! We will be going on a trip with Young Pioneer Tours simply to plant our flag if nothing else (the flag of Islandia that is – our micronation). Check out the itinerary if you would like to join us.

And as for the blog itself? It is simply a geeky blog, for geeky people that have more than a passing interest in all things Bir Tawil. We will use it to record our own personal journey here to plant our flag, as well as talking about what it is actually like to visit the only place in the world that no one actually claims!

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